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Child Abuse TeleECHO Clinic


Thursday, September 28th, 2017
Presented by: John M. Leventhal, M.D.
Dr Leventhal is a national and international expert and forefather of child abuse pediatrics and directs the child abuse program at Yale.  His specific areas of expertise include epidemiology of child maltreatment, distinguishing abusive and accidental injuries, and the prevention of abuse and neglect.

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Managing Child Abuse: General Principles Handout
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Project ECHO® links expert specialist teams at an academic hub with clinicians in local communities. Our aim is to provide child abuse and neglect education that is relevant to ED providers (MDs, APPS and RNs) in the community setting and provide a venue to both discuss cases that are challenging for providers as well as create relationships between our child abuse specialists and general ED providers in CT such that informal consultations can occur in the future. 

The ECHO sessions includes didactic presentations by interdisciplinary group of specialists on specific topics of interest and in-depth case-based presentations by community clinicians for feedback and recommendations.  Clinicians are given access to evidence-based educational resources, learn from expert consultation, and from one another in a comprehensive knowledge network and community of practice.  This environment of group learning, using best practice protocols reduces variation in care and may improve the care we provide to an extremely vulnerable group of children! 


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