Module 2 – Youth, the Internet, & Mental Health: Teens, Screens & COVID-19

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41st Annual Marty Sklaire Critical Issues on School Health Conference

Module 2 – Youth, the Internet, & Mental Health: Teens, Screens & COVID-19


Advances in computer technology coupled with persuasive design and this year’s quarantined have result in greatly increased engagement with online entertainment to dominate the free time of most youth.  In moderation, age-appropriate electronic media can be a healthy and enjoyable activity.  In excess, it displaces needed socializing, academics, family contact, physical activity and sleep, damaging mental health. Violent video game play can influence aggressive behavior, while engagement with pornographic content, sexting, online social comparison, and cyberbullying each pose unique risks.  Medical professionals who work with children must help parents guide their children’s toward healthy and safe screen habits: a daunting challenge, but one that providers powerful protective effects. 


Paul Weigle, MD

Associate Medical Director
Natchaug Hospital


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After viewing this session participants will be better able to:

  • Understand the extent of contemporary screen media engagement by youth;
  • Describe both healthy and unhealthy effects of various screen media habits and experience, and
  • Comprehend how best to work with parents to help their children develop a healthy relationship with screen media.


Dr. Weigle has disclosed that he serves on the National Scientific Advisory Board - Children & Screens: Institute of Media & Child Development and is Co-chair: American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry's Media Committee.  He has no financial conflicts of interest relative to this activity.