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Addressing Vaping & Juuling In Primary Care Settings
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
This public health crisis is on the rise. In 2018, 20% of high school students used e-cigarettes, vaping or juuling devices. These devices are the MOST POPULAR tobacco products used by adolescents. The e-cigarette craze has driven what's arguably the largest uptick of teen nicotine use in decades. It follows years of cigarette smoking among teens dropping to record lows. Teachers and parents across the country have reported more young people using e-cigarettes, particularly one brand, Juul. Primary Care Providers need to be aware of this emerging crisis and it's implications on our youth.Evaluation
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     How Birth to Three Can Be A Busy Pediatrician’s Best Partner
Wednesday,  November 7, 2018
This presentation focuses on how the Birth to Three System can be a busy pediatrician’s best partner in providing children and family’s supports. It provides information about the broad scope of supports available through Birth to Three, tips on streamlining referrals and eligibility, update on Birth to Three’s approach to evidence based practices and how pediatricians and Birth to Three can collaborate to support family’s needs.Evaluation
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How Do I?
Questions and Answers on the New Connecticut Immunization Information System - CT WiZ

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
CT WiZ is the updated, user-friendly Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) Immunization Information System (IIS). This is a tried and true IIS successfully implemented in 15 states/territories! CT WiZ will still include some of your favorite CIRTS features with additional functionality of vaccine ordering, inventory, reports and more. Tune into this webinar to hear DPH present "How Do I?" Questions and Answers on CT WiZ.
This webinar will update clinics, physician's offices, school nurses and health departments on how CT WiZ will decrease provider burden.

You will get answers to:

  • How do I request access and who is eligible to request access?
  • How do I set up my certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) for electronic data exchange?
  • How do I access trainings?
  • How do I find answers to questions on the new website?
  • How do I contact Help Desk?

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     How to Unlock the Secrets of Baby Behavior for Parents and Caregivers
Thursday, October 18, 2018
What is Secrets of Baby Behavior? SBB is a clinic intervention, developed by the University of California at Davis Human Lactation Center in partnership with the California WIC Program, to increase parents' knowledge of normal infant behavior, including sleep expectations and crying. SBB strategies help parents and caregivers respond appropriately to their infant's cues and crying and normalize their expectations for newborn sleep; thereby reducing the use of food as a behavior management approach. This leads to reductions in overfeeding, promotes longer breastfeeding duration, and decreases the early weight gain velocity linked to childhood obesity.Webinar Recording
Slides          Coping with the (Not So) New Reality of School Shootings: Helping Children and Parents with Anxiety
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
This presentation focuses on how pediatricians can help children and parents cope with anxiety surrounding the growing school shooting epidemic. It provides information about the epidemiology of gun use and rate of gun deaths, how a pediatrician can recognize the signs of anxious children and parents (as well as those of children who are at risk of becoming shooters), the types of screening measures that one can use to assess symptom severity, and gives recommendations for doctors and clinicians on how to help alleviate this anxiety.Webinar Recording
Slides          EMPS Mobile Crisis Intervention Services
Friday, August 3,  2018
Mobile Crisis Intervention Services (Mobile Crisis) is a state-wide, community based and family supportive intervention service for children & adolescents experiencing a behavioral or mental health crisis.  This presentation on EMPS Mobile Crisis Intervention Services will provide specific information on all aspects of the service including:  What the service is and who provides it; who can receive the service; what defines a “crisis” and when to call for Mobile Crisis; how to access Mobile Crisis services; the types of response Mobile Crisis provides; what Mobile Crisis does when it responds to a child in crisis; how Mobile Crisis collaborates with other services; and what data is collected and available on the Mobile Crisis services.Webinar Recording
Slides          What will we do with all these guns?
Thursday, June 21 -  12:10 to 1:00PM
Epidemiology and Prevention of Firearm Injury in Children.Webinar Recording
Slides          Required Child Care Health Forms: What Pediatricians and Staff Need to Know
Tuesday, June 12  -  12:10 to 1:00PM
This webinar will help pediatricians communicate effectively and efficiently with child care and Head Start providers through completion of health forms.Webinar Recording
Slides          The New Connecticut Immunization Information System "CT WiZ" What's in it for Me?
Thursday, May 10  -  12:10 to 1:00PM
Coming soon, the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) Immunization Program will replace the Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System (CIRTS) with a new Immunization Information System (IIS) called "CT WiZ". CT WiZ will offer many new features! Tune into this webinar to learn about how you will order your vaccines, report doses administered and track your inventory all in this one system. Learn about bi-directional electronic data exchange between your electronic health record (EHR) and CT WiZ. Learn how you can assess your coverage rates in CT WiZ.We may be replacing CIRTS, but your favorite features will still be available for you and will be improved! You will be able to easily view and print official immunization certificates for schools, childcare, camps and even college. Learn how CT WiZ will allow you to access and electronically query your patients' previous immunization records into one consolidated record. Learn how CT WiZ includes up to date programming for forecasting which vaccinations are invalid, due and overdue to help avoid under and over-vaccinations. These features and more are all part of the new CT WiZ.

This webinar will update you on the new CT WiZ timeline and features you will be able to take advantage of in your clinic, school, or health department.

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     Pharmacogenomic Testing: What Should a Pediatrician Know?
Wednesday, March 21  -  12:10 to 1:00PM
Are you confused about how, when or why you should order pharmacogenomics testing? Has personalized medicine really entered the practice of psychiatry/behavioral health? This webinar will help answer these questions for you.
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