Join the ACP Chronic Pain Program Now!

The New Jersey Chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACPNJ) is partnering with the national Center for Quality at ACP and the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians (NJAFP) to offer a nine-month quality improvement (QI) project with primary care physicians focused on managing chronic pain.

We will leverage the ACP Center for Quality’s resources and training materials to provide education to practices through virtual and on-demand webinars and coaching services provided by NJAFP’s Healthcare Transformation Team. We will work with the enrolled providers to collect and assess baseline data on opioid screening and controlled substance contracts, evaluate current workflow, and devise PDSA cycles intended to improve specific focus areas. These cycles will result in modifications to workflows and treatment approaches that support a PCMH model, as well as integrating the core components of a patient-centered care model.

The Chronic Pain Program provides:

  • A free population health management system to track quality improvement progress
  • Expert faculty and local Champions to support your practice improvement goals
  • Free practice coaching (to help overcome one of the primary barriers to QI work)
  • Access to educational materials and training
  • Ongoing review of your data by faculty and quality improvement experts
  • Practice stipends for participation in the program

We welcome your practice to join the Chronic Pain Quality Improvement Program! For more information about joining, please contact us at