Quick QI HPV Project set for January 2022

CT-AAP is recruiting now for an HPV QI project. The good news: this is a “Quick QI” project, which means targeted QI lessons, easy-to-use data tools, user-friendly PDSA forms, and technical assistance. This is strictly MOC, and registrants must agree to participate for 6 months.

  • Recruiting now for a January 2022 start

  • Measurably improve vaccination rates among HPV vaccine naïve patients 11 to 13 years old using proven QI methodologies

  • Education on provider/patient communications and immunization tracking
  • Interested? Contact angie@lutinemanagement.com
  • Check back here for more details and watch for HPV Project announcements in your inbox



11/1/2021            Needs assessment launch

12/22/2021          Baseline data due

1/12/2022            Jan 2022 learning session (Noon-1pm)

Feb. 2022              On-demand Podcasts

March 2022          On-demand Podcasts

April 2022             On-demand Podcasts

5/18/2022            May 2022 learning session (Noon-1pm)

HPV Project Podcast Series

Coming February 2002

The change package for this QI project is “The Standards for Pediatric Immunization Practice” developed by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee and currently being promoted by CDC and state departments of health nationwide, including CT Department of Public Health. The on-demand podcasts will deliver 15-30-minute lessons based on the Standards.

  • Effective communication with parents/guardians & adolescents
  • Tracking of vaccination status
  • Proactive follow-up & outreach

Improving physician/patient communication

Standard 5: Providers educate parents and guardians about immunization in general terms

Standard 6: Providers question parents or guardians about contraindications and, before immunizing a child, inform them in specific terms about the risks and benefits of the immunizations their child is to receive

Improve immunization tracking

While Standard 12 specifically addresses tracking (which would include use of state immunization registries), Standards 9 and 14 are closely related, addressing proper documentation and chart audits of immunization records. CT-AAP is committed to helping CTDPH populate its immunization registry with adolescent HPV records to aid public health efforts.