Quick QI HPV Project Underway

Thanks to funding from AAP, CT-AAP has launched its “Quick QI HPV Project” in collaboration with the Immunization Program of the CT Department of Public Health, which has gotten approval from CDC to make our program an alternative QI project for VFC practices.

The goal is to measurably improve vaccination rates among HPV vaccine naïve patients 11 to 13 years old using proven QI methodologies. The project has been approved for ABP MOC Part 4 credit. The program features kick-off (March) and wrap-up (July) webinars, plus podcasts on provider/patient communications and immunization tracking. Physicians and their practice teams will submit HPV immunization data and test interventions monthly. Participants will receive regular feedback from a highly qualified QI coach.


Watch Webinar 1


2/28/2022   Baseline data due

3/2/2022     March 2022 learning session (Noon-1pm)

April 2022    On-demand Podcasts

May 2022     On-demand Podcasts

June 2022    On-demand Podcasts

7/20/2022    July 2022 learning session (Noon-1pm)

HPV Project Podcast Series

Coming Spring 2022

The change package for this QI project is “The Standards for Pediatric Immunization Practice” developed by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee and currently being promoted by CDC and state departments of health nationwide, including CT Department of Public Health. The on-demand podcasts will deliver 15-30-minute lessons based on the Standards.

  • Effective communication with parents/guardians & adolescents
  • Tracking of vaccination status
  • Proactive follow-up & outreach