Suicide Prevention Webinar 2

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Webinar 2:  Strategies for Connecting At-Risk Youth to Clinical and Community Suicide Prevention Services

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New guidance from the AAP, the Blueprint for Youth Suicide Prevention, was published in 2022 and many pediatric healthcare providers have not yet had a chance to become familiar with its content or implement its recommended strategies. The Blueprint offers guidance on caring for patients at imminent risk of suicide, caring for patients who need further mental health evaluation and caring for patients who are at low risk of suicide yet will benefit from connection to outside resources.

Session 2 of this series will build on the suicide recognition and response education delivered in Session 1, focusing on how ambulatory professionals can connect at-risk youth to specialized clinical and community services for evidence-based treatments of suicidality and underlying or related conditions. Key mental and behavioral health services in the state will be reviewed, highlighting changes that have recently expanded or will soon expand capacity for suicide care: Access Mental Health, offering primary care clinicians’ real-time psychiatric consultation for patients with behavioral health concerns, Psychiatric Urgent Care Centers, opening soon in the state, and enhanced Mobile Crisis Services and the centralized youth/adult call center hub at the United Way of Connecticut.


At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Provide parents, caregivers, and families with information about free National 24/7 support resources (988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline and Crisis Text Line)
  • Describe indications and mechanisms for communicating with the pediatric Mental Health Care Access program
  • Describe indications and mechanisms for patient referral to Psychiatric Urgent Care services
  • Describe indications and mechanisms for patient referral to Mobile Crisis


Elizabeth Garrigan, LPC

Laine Taylor, DO

Ms. Yvette Cortez



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