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Please join us for a Pediatric Learning Collaborative ECHO® Clinic, Pediatric Endocrinology Pearls for Pediatricians. As part of this program, we will have monthly one-hour teleconferences (ECHO sessions) with an expert in pediatric endocrinology. These sessions are comprised of a short 30 minute didactic, followed by 30 minutes of case discussions and tele-consultations driven by participants. The program will be monthly one-hour sessions for 6 months, and the goal of the program is to mentor pediatricians for primary work up and management of common endocrine referrals. Additional goals include fostering relationships between pediatricians and pediatric endocrinology at Yale.

Each monthly session will take place on the 3rd Monday of the month at 12pm.

CME credit will be available for each session you attend.

Approach to Short Stature - Jasmine Gujral, MD

Recorded on: June 15, 2020
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Project ECHO® links expert specialist teams at an academic hub with clinicians in local communities. Our aim is to provide Pediatric Emergency Medicine education that is relevant to ED providers (MDs, APPS and RNs) in the community setting and provide a venue to both discuss cases that are challenging for providers as well as create relationships among ED providers in CT such that informal consultations can occur in the future.

The ECHO sessions includes didactic presentations by interdisciplinary group of specialists on specific topics of interest and in-depth case-based presentations by community clinicians for feedback and recommendations.  Clinicians are given access to evidence-based educational resources, learn from expert consultation, and from one another in a comprehensive knowledge network and community of practice.  This environment of group learning, using best practice protocols reduces variation in care and may improve the care we provide to an extremely vulnerable group of children!